About Us

The idea about making the website PicYourMix.com came about one day in the summer of 2005 whilst I was on the train to Kingston University. The thought just popped into my head and I felt it would be a great idea if customers could select there own mixes instead of just buying the generic albums from CD stores! I felt that the music service could be a bit more personal. Furthermore I also thought that it would be great if I can get a computer program to automatically mix the tracks, so I went and researched into it.

I was a big fan off Chanel U those days and I still am so I thought that this site will be great for up and coming UK artists, and also up and especially up and coming DJ's. As apart from DJ competitions which are very rare, unless you have got the right contacts it is very hard to break into the industry that up n coming DJ's are passionate about!

At long last (September 2007) the website PicYourMix.com was created by a team of people passionate about supporting DJ's, the UK music industry and offering a personal music service, and customer focused website. People it's about getting personal and picking the mixes YOU want to hear!